Our private music lessons are taught by a professional staff of very qualified instructors, most of which have their Masters or phD in the art form in which they teach. We offer private lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Voice, and Drums/Percussion as well as our School of Performing Rock kid's band group classes which provide students with a real band experience. We do two music recitals per school year and several School of Performing Rock performances at festivals and popular local places like George's.


There is a $40 registration fee for new students and tuition is $115 per month.

Basic fundamentals of singing are taught in private half hour lessons. Some techniques including basic music theory, breathing methods, posture, diction, and music reading. Performance techniques are taught to intermediate and advanced students.

Studies include basic techniques, foundational theory, ear training, and note recognition while extending repertoire in improving musical interpretation. Instructor: Ruth Roland

Students are taught traditional piano theory and music appreciation in private lessons. Beginners through professional levels are available. Instructors: Joshua Medrano, Loriana Zavala, Cathy McManus, Charlene Gould

Studies include basic techniques, theory, note recognition for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Instructors: Lee White, Cohen Hartman, Norbert Redmond

Private music students are required to give 24 hours notice if there is to be an absence. Students are allowed one make up class per semester to be scheduled at the teacher's convenience.