The Dance Center and School of Performing Arts is a professional performing arts school that is the result of a beautiful merger of two well established Baton Rouge art schools with combined experience of enriching students' lives for over 40 years. Our vision is to achieve excellence through quality instruction in dance, music, drama, and art for students wishing to pursue a professional career as well as a wonderful education for those who prefer to learn about their art form for their own personal enjoyment.

The Dance Center and School of Performing Arts has been the host of many extraordinary guest teachers; including, Keith Cross of Houston, Yury Vodologova of St. Petersburg Ballet, Gimsey deLappe, Protege to Agnes DeMille, Thom Clower of Hubbard Street Dance, Byron Suber or Cornell University, Gyula Pandi of North Carolina School of the Arts, Lucia Kuimova Pettigrew of Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Effie Nanas of the Philipines National Ballet, among others.

For dance, we primarily offer training in classical Ballet; but, also classes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary as well as workshops in Modern Dance and Flamenco and master classes with guest teachers throughout the year.

Dance Center and School of Performing Arts is also the host school for the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. Through their "Dance With Us" program, students in the Baton Rouge area have the opportunity to audition and participate in this amazing, professional production at the LSU Union Theatre each November! Auditions are held in September. Please call 225-753-6909 for more information.

Music, Art, and Drama are taught by a professional staff of very qualified instructors, most of which have their Masters or phD in the art form in which they teach. For Music we offer private lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Voice, and Drums as well as our School of Performing Rock kid's band group classes which provide students with a real band experience. We do two music recitals per school year and several School of Performing Rock performances at festivals and popular local places like George's.

Jennifer and Lee White are the owners and directors of the Dance Center and School of Performing Arts. Jennifer is also director of the Dance Center and School of Performing Arts Company and Junior Company which allows her dancers to experience professional rehearsal and performance opportunities throughout the year.Lee White is director of the music program of the school, including the School of Performing Rock which gives young students a real band experience and the opportunity to perform. 

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